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Drive Flex Fuels
Choose Clean Air, High Performance, and Great Value

From northwest forests to talking dashboards,
these video contest entries show our interest in
clean fuels for the future. 


Get to know Flex Fuels

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  • 1st Place - $5000: Fresh Home Grown Fuel by Chris Allison

  • 2nd Place - $1000: Ethanol Animated Explainer Video by Tyson Pestner

  • 3rd Place - $500: Breathe a Little Easier by Nathan Garcia

  • Honorable Mention - $250:

    • Drive Flex Fuels Contest Entry by Mike Crocker

    •  Flex Fuel: Nature's Recipe by Alejandro DeHoyos

    • Switch to Save by Helena Beat

  • Most Views - $500: Flex Fuel: Nature's Recipe by Alejandro DeHoyos



Virginia and Maryland are increasing their ethanol fueling stations in 2017. These new station include flex fuel dispensers to dispense both E15 and E85 fuel. Maryland Grain Farmers sponsored the Drive Flex Fuels Video Contest to create awareness and encourage drivers to choose cleaner gasoline and fill up with E15 or E85 fuels.

  • Fresh Home Grown Fuel
  • Ethanol Explained
  • Breathe Easier
  • Drive Flex Fuels
  • Nature's Recipe
  • Switch to Save