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Ethanol is beneficial for your car ...

Using a higher level of ethanol fuel can increase horsepower and octane, reduce engine knocking and pinging, help clean your engine by reducing fuel injection system build up, and prevent gas line freezes in cold weather.


If you can run a motor like mine on ethanol, it will work for everyday driving.

Jonathan Olmscheid, Stock Car Driver

Drivers now have an 88 octane fuel for improved engine performance. AND NASCAR HAS DRIVEN 10 MILLION MILES TO PROVE IT.


Leading the way in 2011, NASCAR launched its long-term biofuels program to reduce emissions of the fuel used in all its racing series. NASCAR’s three national touring series began using Sunoco Green E15, a renewable fuel blended with 15% American-made ethanol from American-grown corn. Sunoco, the Official Fuel of NASCAR, manufactures blends and transports this renewable, low-carbon fuel that emits 20% less greenhouse gas emissions than unleaded gas.

After completing more than ten million miles during NASCAR races using Sunoco Green E15, teams report an increase of up to 10+ horsepower. Drivers and mechanics give the fuel high marks for power and durability.These reports validate the fuel qualities and environmental impact of ethanol as a fuel to the millions of NASCAR fans as well as the general American public.

The U.S. Department of Energy conducted six million miles of testing on E15 – the equivalent of 12 round trips to the Moon – and found no issues.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved E15 as a blend choice for cars and light-duty trucks in model year 2001 and newer. 2001 models were the oldest cars tested.

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